Palladium Metallicum

Palladium Metallicum

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The essential features
Palladium patients are having tremendous emotional insecurity with strong emotions that cannot be expressed, and in this way creating a blockade, a deep inner conflict that needs constant support on the part of those around and especially those whom they are intimately connected, all this is coupled with a tremendous unexpressed egoism.

They actually think all the time that they are worth more than the others think about them, and it does not matter how much praise they may others use for them it is never enough. An insatiable hunger for flattery, not only praise but really flatter. It is impressive how much they crave it and how little they openly admit and ask for it.

They will sit in the company of many people and if nobody pays attention to them for sometimes they have a strong sense that they are neglected. On the contrary if they feel that they are appreciated they keep very alive and excitable during the contact with the others, and they spend so much emotional energy that when they go back home and are alone again they feel exhausted. Actually this feeling for the need for support and the good opinion from others follows them all the time as always there is cause in a family with children for such a situation.

This can become a source of real everyday suffering You can praise them to the limit and will be very happy they thrive on praise, even if what you say about them is an outright lie or an exaggerated statement. They need to be loved and admired to a pathological degree. The opinion of others is so important that their balance and equanimity depends on this.

If they do not have such treatment they feel that their pride has been wounded, they feel that they are ignored that they are neglected, they may even have delusions of been neglected. If somebody instead of praising them eyes slightly criticises them, they go to pieces. They are insulted tremendously their inner pride is shattered and their paranoia about it can go as far as having real delusions that they every body wants to insult them.

This remedy is similar to Platina in the fact that have an exaggerated sense of greatness, which will never be openly admitted that is why we see delusions that have grown larger that they are taller than they actually are. Here again there is a difference from Platina who feels that is taller than others. The Palladium exhibits no open confrontation with others on the contrary he avoids it like anything, will not show his inner, almost subconscious self-importance to the outsiders, they will be rather quite, timid with actually a strong lack of self-confidence and may be passed unnoticed in a social gathering but still they want praise they want flattery.

A child will do well at school if praised every day by the parents and the teachers but will do very bad if he is criticised at all. Many times if the parents do not realise what they must do the child goes in to a state of total inadequacy, they become lazy they are not interested in making any effort.
Children with less than average intelligence believe that are very good and intelligent in their class even when the marks they get are mediocre of even worse.

It is this state of false greatness that is preparing for them to feel wounded with the least provocation
There is haughtiness, but this exaggerated sense of self importance stays inside, will never be expressed, stays as a feeling that is not confessed in any way, and this is different from Platina who will declare, will show in many ways how important she is, how great she is.

This general idea of being “bigger” “greater” than they really are which is felt internally but not expressed to the outside world will lead the organism to produce huge tumours especially on the sexual organs and more especially the ovaries. These areas are the diseased areas that are producing disease according to the idea symbolised by the medicine.

Here it must be said that in order to recognise or to discover the symbolic ideas expressed by the medicines one should be very careful in pronouncing them as such a task requires a lot of experience, analytical and at the same time synthetic mind that can take the facts, can analyse them and then synthesise them in to a coherent idea.

Palladium is one of the main remedies that we must think when we see huge tumours developing in the sexual organs of the female especially. Huge tumours in ovaries. The frustration is usually there in this area, as sexual drive is usually high and sex is connected very much with the need to be accepted.

Palladium has an excessive sexual appetite, they will be excited with obscene words during sexual intercourse and in general even the child likes slung words that have a rude sexual connotation.

If they get offended or irritated they can become violent in their reactions and expressions and then they use offensive language. Palladium due to its internal conflict, internal need for affection and yet there is a pride that does not allow them to ask for it eventually brings about a convulsed state, which can produce convulsive movements first of the face and eventually of the whole body. It is a wonderful remedy for Gilles de la Turret’s syndrome when the child appears practically normal while he is in the school, or in a social function, where the opinion of others matters very much, but when he goes back home the nervous system lets loose.

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